St. Vincent Goes On TV In BK to Perform "New York"

Enough with the songs about LA

October 17, 2018

© Cameron Pollack, Detroit Free Press


Ever since everyone decided to move to Los Angeles and write songs about that, our NYC anthems have become few and far between.  Thankfully #1 badass St.Vincent was cool enough on her latest LP to write tunes about both great coastal cities, because inclusiveness is rad and all that in 2018.  More recently she reworked that whole album (MASSEDUCTION) into a classed up affair even your parents can enjoy (MassEducation) and took her talents to Brooklyn to perform that version of the track titled after our fair city, "New York", as a part of Jimmy Kimmel's late night stint here.  And since I'm assuming you did not snag tickets to see it in person, you can check out video of the performance for yourself, below.