Your shot to win the hottest tickets in the world, all week with Corey and Cane

February 2, 2020
my chemical romance

Mark Metcalfe / Stringer


Let's cut to the chase here:  Tickets to see the highly anticipated tri-state area MCR reunion shows are gone. Like, very all gone. Two Prudential Center shows and one night at Barclays Center wiped clean in mere minutes, with your only opportunity to get in the building left at scoring aftermarket seats which are already ranging between $500 - $1000+, and uhhhh... who's got that kinda cash to just light on fire??  (Hint, not you.) '

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So how do you get in to catch this must-see historic night of emo nostalgia, which may or may not ever occur again? Well, the answer is simple and singular, you listen to our fine radio station all week 2/3 - 2/7 because both Corey and Cane have your tix to catch the show of your choice on 9/17 or 9/22.  That's right, tell your friends, tell your family, hell, tell your enemies (maybe this is the thing to finally put the swords down over) and get everybody in on working to winning these bad boys, because this is about as close as you'll get to a pair falling out of the sky.  And after all, somebody's gotta win them, why shouldn't it be you?

In the meantime revist the band's high concept, near 20 minute long video announcing this major North American run, below.