Show Me The Body - "Madonna Rocket"

this is what good sounds like

March 5, 2019

© Loma Vista


New York trio, Show Me The Body, have delivered the second single off their forthcoming 'Dog Whistle' LP, out via Loma Vista/Concord on March 29th and let me tell you... it's an absolute scorcher. Produced by Chris Coady (YYY's, Beach House, Amen Dunes), the entirety of the record was penned in Queens before traveling to LA for final tracking.  If you like your bands sounding on the brink of a meltdown, you've come to the right place. Ferocious, Violent, and yet wholly intellectual in it's execution, "Madonna Rocket" is infinite repeat for a new type of jilted generation. Check out the video for yourself, below, and pre-order the album, here.