Scientists Think We May Have Encountered An Alien Object

But also... maybe not

November 5, 2018

So there's a thing floating around in space called 'Oumuamua' that scientists have been checking out for a while now and to be totally honest, they're not really fucking sure what it is.  Basically it's been hanging around in our solar system since late 2017, giving dudes in white coats in labs underground boners by being fairly unpredictable in its speed and trajectory, prompting them to now toss out the idea that this thing may infact be sent by aliens.  They're of course not committing to this 100% because of obvious reasons, but the gist is that after eliminating all other courses of reason, no matter how improbable this answer is, it is the logical one.  Despite this, the thing has apparently left our solar system and now they can't study it at all, leading us to wonder if this is really what that whole space force thing was actually about.  If you want to read an actual article on this story, NBC did some real journalism, here.