R.I.P. iTunes

Apple officially pulls the plug on one of the most influential music platforms

October 8, 2019

Justin Sullivan / Getty


Well, it was a good run as they say, but Apple has officially put iTunes to bed with it's latest macOS update, Catalina, marking the end of the road for the 18 year old application.

First appearing in 2001, the platform revolutionized the way users and listeners could interact with their music libraries, for the first time consolidating massive amounts of catalog in one place to be navigated and curated with ease.  Though the rise of the "playlist" has been in recent years attributed to that of music streaming's formidable entry into the scene, one could easily argue the first playlisting began on iTunes, both for iPod and home listening pleasure, alongside curating those many many burned mix cd's we all came to know and love (whether highly curated or simply 1/2 Sonic Youth 1/2 Pixies songs, whatever your strategy).

The move comes in the latest of many changes to Apple's once central media hub, which will now roll into Apple Music, alongside it's additional Podcast and TV arms.  Though Apple have yet to make a formal announcement, many iPhone users were clued into the changes regardless of updating their software when an unprompted message stating "the iTunes Store is unable to process purchases at this time".  Before you get all worked up though, it's worth noting not much will change with this restructuring as personal playlists, previously purchased music, and pre-existing libraries will all be available under the Apple music umbrella.  Perhaps the biggest change will be a lack of an auto-sync option with your apple device, instead prompting you to select a source for your latest reintegration. 

In the midst of all this chaos, have no fear, the Radio.com app is still there and sturdy and simple to navigate as ever in the app store, so if you're looking for the comfort of stability and a solid selection of highly curated tunes in these tumultuous times, you know we've still got you.