Posthumous Lil Peep Album Announced

+ Check out first single "Cry Alone"

October 18, 2018

Lil Peep is dead and that fucking bums me out man.  Losing anyone is hard, but when you hear these unreleased tracks that were in the works ahead of his death, it really makes you crazy imagining what his narrative could have been.  Its hard not to craft this idea of him becoming the face of Alternative, growing exponentially in profile as hip-hop kids and dejected guitar playing losers (aka me in high school) rallied around his direct and honest lyrical approach coupled with his increidble ear for melodies. 

This latest track embodies everything mentioned above with some incredibly dark lyrics, cycling throughout the track which we've outlined below

I don’t want to cry alone right now
I’m kissin’ on styrofoam right now
I don’t want to die alone right now
I just did a line of blow right now
I hate everybody in my hometown
I wanna burn my whole high school to the ground
I hate everybody in my hometown
Tell the rich kids to look at me now

The song is the first single off the forthcoming Come Over When You're Sober Pt. 2 out 11/9 and follows the standalone xxxtentacion featuring, "Falling Down", which you've already heard in rotation (technically speaking you literally heard it here first as we were the first station in America to play it, someting I'm slightly proud of).  Check out the track as well as the video for "Cry Alone" below.

01 “Broken Smile (My All)”
02 “Runaway”
03 “Sex With My Ex”
04 “Cry Alone”
05 “Leanin'”
06 “16 Lines”
07 “Life Is Beautiful
08 “Hate Me”
09 “IDGAF”
10 “White Girl”
11 “Fingers”