People In Central Park Are Very Excited About A Duck

(actual duck not pictured)

November 5, 2018

People in Central Park are very excited about this Mandarin Duck.  In fact, they're standing in line to see it.  Is this making the other ducks jealous?  I'm no expert, but I'd say that solely depends on much people are feeding this duck.  Which, that said, you probably shouldn't be doing.  Apparently it's rather rare for this part of the world to welcome such a duck, and as with most things that are fleeting, or will get likes on social media, I'm going to assume this is why people are excited to see the duck.  Apparently the duck, which I'm just going to name Steve, despite not really knowing if it's a boy or girl, has been chilling in a pond by 59th.  Where does he/she go the rest of the time? That's for Steve to know and for me to never really care.  If this sounds like a thing you would enjoy seeing, but would rather not make the trek to actually check out, Gothamist has some pics here.