Pavement Are Reuniting


June 4, 2019

Cory Schwartz / Getty


Welp, it was inevitable.  Pavement are reuniting. I say that like I'm mad about it, but really it's great news for those of us that enjoy 90s slacker rock but were also born too late to get into most of the 21+ shows the band played when they were around the first time.  So far their only dates are overseas at spain's Primavera sound festival, but considering that brand just announced their first stateside event in LA, and these guys probably wouldn't mind the extra cash, I'm guessing we'll see at very least a New York date in our future (also the band recorded their seminal LP in Williamsburg so theyre basically grandfathered in locals).  Anyway, here's a cool photo confirming the new below and I guess for now, stand by for updates.