Paper Plate Used By Kurt Cobain Sells for $23,000

May 22, 2019

Scott Gries / getty


One man's trash is another man's treasure went from fortune cookie proverb to stark truth this week, after a bidder shelled out north of $20k for a disposable paper plate once used by Kurt Cobain. 

The pizza vessel in question was apparently used by the former Nirvana frontman to get his cheesy fix ahead of a gig at Washington DC's legendary 9:30 club in the early 90s, before he opted to flip the recyclable over and pen the group's setlist for the night on it's back side.  The plate features a "distinct pizza stain on the back" according to a former member of opening band THUD, who I'm guessing creepily lifted the plate following the band's set, which included future Nevermind hits "In Bloom" and "Polly" alongside early Bleach-era cuts like "Dive", "Been A Son", and "Negative Creep".

The former THUD-er added, that the aforementioned stain "makes it more cool than just a piece of paper. It’s a lightly-stained pizza plate from Kurt’s own meal!”... I think I just threw up in my own mouth.  In the end, the plate/setlist/weird piece of memorabilia fetched $22,400 to be exact, alongside a sweater once belonging to Kurt, which went for a mind numbing $75,000.  Unless any of these people are hoping to use DNA on these things to clone the guy sometime in the year 9595 I'm gonna say this is all a bit bizarro (and if they are planning to clone him maybe even more bizarro?), and speaks to an evergrowing lineage of people hoping to get rich off this poor guy's corpse in any way they can. Hey we're kinda doing it right now by covering the story ! In the end we're all complacent somehow, I guess. 

Anyway, maybe just stick to enjoying the music he left behind and don't buy into all these tell-all books, and items formerly owned by, and journals made public etc.  It's hard to remember sometimes through all the weird commercialization of his image, but guy was just a guy, and probably wouldn't appreciate what he's been turned into. 

Check out a photo of the plate in question (I can't believe I'm typing this) for yourself, here