New Vampire Weekend Drops At 8am - Preview It Here

Harmony Hall is about to be your new favorite song

January 23, 2019



The new Vampire Weekend song is called "Harmony Hall", and let me tell you, it's great.  I know this because I've heard it.  In fact, I've heard it multiple times, and every time I hear it I just wanna hear it again (unfortunately the record label does not share my enthusiasm and has made me wait to have it like the rest of you schlubs).  Anyway, we all get it tomorrow along with another (what we in "the biz" call a) gratis track, entitled "2012".  Let it be made clear I have not heard that one. 

All of this precedes their long gestating 4th LP, which we currently know only as FOTB (in the interest of full disclosure I actually do know the name, and I would tell you, but they'll come for me in the night if I say it on here before the announce).  Currently you can submit your best guess for what that stands for on the band's Instagram in exchange for a emphatically small prize (their words) if you get it right.  

Anyway, now that I've covered this blog in parenthesis I'll finally get to the point, which is that you can stream the intro to the aforementioned "Harmony Hall" in a 120 minute loop over and over till morning when it drops, below.