New Music Discovery: Tatiana Hazel - Doin' Alright


August 9, 2018

Alternative means in 2018 about what "Indie" meant 5-ish years ago... a loosely definied word set to encompass a number of sounds that sonically don't have much to do with eachother, but are married in spirit. Indie-dance, Indie-rock, Indie-pop, etc.  Now that the blog era is dead (yes I sense the irony of writing this in a blog), we've moved on to Alt-pop, Alt-rock, Alt-whatever.  Which leads us to Tatiana Hazel, who's warped pop sense feels just left of center enough to land her on our radar and maybe keep her from the clutches of mass consumption (that said, obviously I hope she rightfully blows the fuck up and makes a buck).  There's not a ton out there about the chicago native just yet, but this seems like a pretty decent primer.  Check out "Doin' alright" the first track off her recently released 'Toxic' EP, below.