Neutral Milk Hotel's Jeff Mangum attends NYC Climate Strike

A rare pubic appearance from the indie rock legend

September 23, 2019

me, bryce


Notorious recluse, Jeff Mangum has, for the most part, kept out of public eye aside from 2015's Neutral Milk Hotel reunion.  Previous to that, his whereabouts were mere whispers as the legend of their iconic LP 'In An Aeroplane Over The Sea' continued to grow to dizzying heights, inspiring band's like Arcade Fire in the process. But now he's made his first semi-official public appearance in some time, participating in last week's climate change rally with his wife, Astra Taylor.  While it's a fun "celeb sighting" if you will, if you follow this blog, we all know who spotted the man himself casually riding the subway a few months back. See the photo evidence below for yourself and keep an eye out around the city, never know where he'll pop up next.