Exclusive: Mumford & Sons Talk New Album 'Delta' + Perform "Guiding Light"

September 26, 2018

Mumford and Sons are back, with a new single "Guiding Light," which you've been hearing on ALT 92.3, and a new album, Delta, out November 16th.

That is, if they finish it in time.  

"We've been mixing every night at Electric Lady. It will be done by next Friday," the band tells ALT 92.3 in their first radio interview for this cycle. Adding, "this feels like the most important moment of our life of the band."

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Perhaps most interesting was the note of hip-hop's influence on the new album, which frontman Marcus revealed to be instrumental in the process of creating the track's rhythm sections.

"We secretly are all quite big lovers of hip hop. The first record I ever bought was 'The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill', and I went through a very obsessive Jurassic 5 phase during exams, where I wrote out all the lyrics and learned them word for word. So that influence came through, especially in the process of creating beats for the record. Some of it we started with 808 drum machines or we'd start with live drums and cut them up, sort of different from the way we've done them before."

Elsewhere he revealed the band's producer Paul Epworth, who's laid hands on records for everyone from U2 to Adele, Coldplay, and Paul McCartney, has a solo hip-hop album in the wings that had it's own impact on the group's latest offering.  "Our producer, is a huge hip hop fan" Marcus tells it, "He's just made an... I refer to it as a sort of space-hop album, of his own. Which im not sure if he has any plans to release it but it's amazing."

As for this "return to their roots" the press releases continue to push, the band had thought's on that too.

Elaborating, they explain, "Any first impressions stick. Musically we're gonna constantly evolove, and theres an elemnet of our first impression, or our initial records, thats integral who we are.  It was the first stuff we put out... and we're going to continue playing it live, but we also need to contoinue to move forward and so its not just a linear A to B. That was just a part of it, and we're now kind of, I think, quite a spectrum. But I do think its interesteing for people to be kind of like, you're not muford and sons anymore if you're not doing what you were doing when you were 20.  We're as much mumford and sons now as we have ever been."

If the album's first single is to be believed, the LP promises to be a fan favorite, with the reintroduction of the group's bootstomping, burning-heart energy, acoustic guitars, and the banjos that made them a household name.  

"Guiding Light" a triumphant and uplifting tune that see's the group refocused through the lense of aforementioned super producer Paul Epworth, who's approach staunchly polarizes the band's 2015 release, 'Wilder Mind', which found them trading their staple sound for a full on electric affair. Though further details surrounding the record remain scarce, Mumford have teased a 60-date world wide arena tour, for which a full itinerary will be announced next week.

As a bonus, enjoy the first public performance promoting the new LP, below and get your first look at the new album art up top.