Exclusive: Mike Posner Almost Sang On Avicii's Breakout Hit "Levels"

Also tells the true story of his smash hit "I Took A Pill In Ibiza"

October 15, 2018

Pop-auteur turned ALT new-blood Mike Posner stopped by the station yesterday to discuss his latest track, "Song About You," the theme of his forthcoming album (finding peace within loss), and a myriad of other things around his curiously unconventional yet highly successful career.  

For those unfamiliar, outside of his own music, Posner has worked with the likes of pop mega-stars like Maroon 5, Justin Bieber, and EDM icon Avicii, whose name found it's way into Posner's last radio staple, "I Took A Pill In Ibiza."  While at this point most have heard the nearly inescapable tune in one form or another, it's lesser known origins are highly autobiographical and harken back to an era when the producer and Posner first crossed paths. "I was shelved by my record label at the time" Posner shares, "But Tim (Bergling, Avicii) always liked my stuff and my writing so he would always - every six months or so - send me some tracks he was working on, and ask me to write to them. He actually sent me "Levels."

Mike Posner (Joe Cingrana/ALT 92.3)

Of course, "Levels" remains a defining staple of the EDM genre, an instant classic that became synonymous with the explosion of dance music in America and around the world.  When further nudged on the subject, Posner reveals for the first time, that he took not one pass at attempting a topline for the tune, but "like 6 of em, because I couldn't get it right," adding with a laugh that "they weren't that good that's why he didn't use em. I mean they were good, but not... the thing."

Ultimately a different version of the track would be released under Flo Rida's name as "Good Feeling" with his vocal virtually cut and paste over the original, but "Levels" itself would remain the instrumental that has gone on to be played out across the world. Posner and Avicii would eventually collaborate on the producers 2012 single "Stay With You".

"I Took a Pill In Ibiza," while not a collab with Avicii would go on to achieve similar levels of infamy over the last few years, stemming from the true story of Posner's trip to Ibiza with Bergling, which, in a bout of depression and pre-sobriety he... well, took a pill from a stranger (something he strongly advises against) and the rest, as they say, is history.  Check out the story above as Posner tells it in his own words.

Look for more from our interview with the "Song About You" creator in the coming weeks and tune into ALT 92.3 to catch it on the airwaves.