Massive Attack Reissue Landmark Album 'Mezzanine' As DNA-encoded Spray Paint Can

Take my money.

October 19, 2018

When trip-hop legeneds Massive Attack announced a 20th anniversary re-issue of their landmark LP 'Mezzanine' earlier this year, the deluxe edition was admittedly a bit lackluster. Triple orange LP with heat sensitive packaging and a whole albums worth of unheard Mad Professor remixes (like one guy in bristol is stoked out of his fucking mind on this).  BUT they were apparently waiting to unveil the grand jewel of the collection, which combined the DNA-breakdown of the LP which they announced previously, reseuqenced into spray paint for a LTD. edition can that seemingly is not actually available yet (worst press release ever?). Obviously you can't listen to the thing but it's a hell of a collectors item and I will literally throw my money at it the second a buy link enters my instagram feed. In the meantime check out the video for album staple "Angel", below.