Listen: Jack Black & Jack White Finally Collab

"Don't Blow It, Kage" has finally arrived

December 3, 2019
Tenacious D

Third Man Records


There was a time when the internet was left to its own devices to ponder one of life's big questions... Had Jack White and Jack Black ever crossed paths? Had they ever physically been in the same room, had their people been in contact, and if not how was this possible?  As is the case with most things which originate from the depths of reddit, somehow over the years the question never lost steam, instead gaining traction with fans clamoring for some sort of "Jack Grey" grossover.  Well now friends, we can finally rejoice, as that day has arrived.

Long have we known the mighty Tenacious D visited White's home studio's where they teamed up with the former White Stripe's frontman to produce a track, but now that sonic rocket sauce (if you know, you know) has finally reached our ears in the form of "Don't Blow It, Kage", which far from disappoints.  Not only does White hang behind the boards on the tune, he actually pops in for a comedic cameo which pushes the cut to among the best we've heard from the D since their debut LP (which remind you featured another rock legend, Dave Grohl, on drums).

The song was released as a limited 7-inch through Jack's Third Man Record's over the weekend as a Record Store Day, Black Friday exclusive, with the song itself centered around the duo's desire to deliver a worthy musical number after so much hype, under the watchful eye 

So without further procrastination, head here to enjoy 2 minutes of comedic genius from the guys who wrote the greatest song in the world (but not this one).