Liam Gallagher's New Song Sounds Like A Banger

Tbh honest, I've already heard the whole thing and it is

May 30, 2019

Marcelo Hernandez / Getty


While we continue to hold our breath for the inevitable Oasis cash grab reunion, team Liam continues to be blessed with songs that may not be written by Noel, but hit the sweet spot of what made us love the guys voice in the first place.  And he's still got the attitude to back it up leaking a healthy portion of his next single "Shockwave" via instagram earlier today.  Once again it's a full on straight forward jam that invokes everything you loved about the frontman's former band, while doing just enough to separate the two.  Some random guy was cool enough to grab a video which you can check out below while we wait for the official announce and street date.