Liam Gallagher Doesn't Get Radiohead

But "Karma Police" is alright apparently

October 22, 2018

Dave Hogan for One Love Manchester via USA TODAY NETWORK


Apparently in all his years and travels, somehow former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher has never been subjected to the music of fellow countrymen, Radiohead.  Except finally it did happen, over this past weekend.  The results, as you can imagine, we're typically Liam and thus entertaining, devoid of any real logic, and completely amazing.  He took to Twitter to describe the experience, beginning his rant by referring to the band as "radio play", renaming The Bends standout "Planet Telex" as "Planet Tickel", and it only continued on from there. For some reason he did connect with "Karma Police" off the group's seminal OK Computer LP, though he made it quite clear he had no idea what record it was pulled from.

Check out the full rant for yourself over on his twitter and smash the follow cuz it's really just this great all the time.