New Music Discovery: Lala Lala - "Destroyer"

This is the good stuff.

August 1, 2018

Alright, so I'm gonna start posting these NMD's and... it should become pretty clear, fairly quickly, that for the most part the sonics of the music posted by me will differ widely from what makes it to air, but probably resonate in a more direct way with the millenial sentiment of feeling over extended, eternally bummed, and lowkey riddled with anxiety (is this a corporate radio blog or a live journal, am i rite).

Anyway, to kick things off we've got Chicago anchored Lala Lala who dropped "Destroyer" earlier this month, penned by core songwriter Lillie West.  It's the first single off her/their forthcoming album, 'The Lamb', out 9/27 on Sub Pop's sister label, Hardly Art (who I, full disclosure, once in a blue moon stuffed mailers for back in Seattle when I was 20 or something).  The song bathes in a foggy blanket of driving, reverb washed guitar, giving way to to a descending chorus riff, all propelled by Lillie's spot on lyrics (spot on to what, idk but I'm trying to do a radio show as I write this).  Check out the official clip below and pick up tickets to catch Lala Lala live at Baby's on 9/20, here.