Kurt Cobain's House Is For Sale

maybe you can go 1/100-sies with your friends on it

October 1, 2019

Scott Gries / Staff


Well if you have a cool $7.5 million laying around, you can officially own the house Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love shared in Seattle, where the famed Nirvana frontman also ultimately took his life.  

Morbid? Maybe, but the current listing isn't even bothering to mention it's former famous owner in the listing, as it's tough to say at this point if that helps or hurts the value for the average buyer.  On the one hand, it's pretty cool to imagine Kurt hanging around the house strummin the ol' gee-tar and with the ghosts of barely fleshed out songs echoing off the walls.  On the other hand, living anywhere someone took their life is probably not the vibe-iest of moves, especially if you plan on hanging out in that room literally ever.

For those curious about the actual structure itself, the house stands 117 years old in Seattle's beloved Denny Blaine neighborhood. It's also worth noting that the current asking price stands vastly above what Cobain shelled out at an initial $1.485 million.  It would then again change hands in 1997 for $2.895 million.  All totally reasonable sums of money we can definitely all afford, I'm sure (that said, if you can afford this, please reach out as I have a number of proposals both business and personal on how you can give me a chunk of that and feel good about it).

It's also worth noting in 2013 Cobain's mother trie to sell his childhood home for (starting to look reasonable) half a million out in Aberdeen, but ultimately Kurt's attachment to the property wasn't enough to draw in a buyer, as after 4 years on the market the price dropped to $225,000, which is still, to me a radio DJ, a whole lot of money!  Unfortunately if you're thinking of getting in on that action, the house is now off the market.

As for the currently available property, you can see photos of the well maintained "park-like" lot, here.  Call me when you get all moved in, I'll crash on the couch.