King Krule Takes Us To Biscuit Town

One of the best tunes of last year gets a visual

August 29, 2018

Idk why I always seem to post these in the dead of night, maybe it's just the best time to blog.  Something about the solitude of the internet and darkness and some music that was probably meant to be listened to in solitude and darkness.  King Krule's 2017 stand out, "Biscuit Town" off his stellar LP, The Ooz is definitely one of those tunes, which now comes backed w/ a noir-esque clip to boot.  Created in partnership with WeTransfer (because what isn't a corporate partnership these days), the surrealist clip see's our hero, Archie Marshall aka King Krule himself, navigate the miniature urban backdrop in a myriad of ways, all the while stumbling to find, well... something.

Check out the clip for yourself, below.