Judah & The Lion Team With Grammy Winner Kacey Musgraves on "Pictures"

Gotta admit.... did not see this one coming.

February 27, 2019

© Judah & The Lion


Award Season.  What the hell is it? Well, I'll tell you one thing... It's pretty much over.  And if you won something, your stock soars, and if you didn't, well hopefully you have one in the can with someone who did.  

Enter our boys Judah & The Lion who had the good fortune to be sitting on a tune penned with none other than Grammy Album of The Year winner, Kacey Musgraves.  Likely eager to capitalize on her red hot SEO (or maybe this was always part of their collaborative roll out plan), the band have unleashed "Pictures", our latest taste of their forthcoming LP 'Pep rally' which drops 5/3, and finds the group + their highly acclaimed collaborator, wandering deep into ballad territory for a reflection on the dissolution of a relationship, boasting the aptly placed refrain "I hate that I'm taking our pictures off the wall".  

It may be just "another sad song" as both frontman Judah Akers, and Musgraves put it, but it's a well timed one if nothing else, complete with mandolin (at least I think that's what that is?) and serving as a fascinating glimpse into the crossed paths of the Nashville scene.  The track also comes backed with a cleverly shot video that appears to double as a fly-on-the-wall studio visit to the song's recording sessions, though keen eyes may note Musgraves never seems to actually be singing when she appears in the clip.  Movie magic, people ! 

Anyway, check out "Pictures" for yourself, below, and tune in to Alt anytime to catch Judah's "Over My Head", which is in rotation now.