Jonah Hill Shares Trailer For His Directorial Debut: 'Mid90s'

A movie about what it sounds like

July 25, 2018



I stood next to Jonah Hill at a Vampire Weekend show once.  He seemed pretty into it. After that I went back to my life and he went back to being Jonah Hill, which is weird mostly because he doesnt know who I am and now I'm writing about it. Good times.  Anyway, he's been famous for a long time now, mostly for being funny, sometimes for being serious, more recently for dressing pretty well.  In addition to that he now makes his own movies, like this one - Mid90s (arriving via A24 which has quietly become an asbolute distribution powerhouse / coveted cosign).  

The trailer is pretty self explanatory so check it out here.  If you don't that's cool too.