Jeff Goldblum Has An Album Out Today

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November 9, 2018

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Famous actor Jeff Goldblum is generally regarded as a talented guy, mostly for his acting skills and uncanny ability to deliver lines like "must go faster" in just enough films that you notice, but it doesn't actually become a catch phrase (seriously, why does he say that in Independence Day? Has this been addressed?).  Anyway, he also plays Jazz. In fact he hosts a weekly jazz night in Los Feliz (your dear writer's old neighborhood) where you can go and see Dr. Ian Malcolm himself bang on the keys and command a rather charming lounge act set.  Seeing as we don't live anywhere close to that at this point, you can now get part of the experience at least, with his new album out today, entitled The Capitol Studio Sessions.  At very least, it's something the family can all agree on come Thanksgiving.  Check it out for yourself, here. He also dropped a line of merch, because as we've gone over, one day everything will be a hoodie