Jack White Has Never Owned A Cellphone

And He Thinks You Look Dumb Using Yours

June 20, 2019

Kevin Winter / Getty


I have a cellphone.  Chances are you have a cellphone.  Jack White does not have a cellphone.  In fact he's never had a cellphone.  I have also in fact heard this rumor about Julian Casablancas, frontman of The Strokes via an anecdote that a friend relayed in which, while talking to his manager she was immediately told he had to hang up because he was recieving a call from a random upstate number, that was probably Julian calling by payphone and once a call like this is missed he becomes extremely difficult to get ahold of. 

I imagine working with or contacting Jack White is likely similar in this regard, though something tells me his house is probably absolutely loaded with rotary phones (Should we ask my boss to confirm? He has apparently visited said residence).  Anyway, the no-phone revelation came to light in a recent interview in which the former White Stripes frontman explained "For someone like me, who is one of the few who doesn’t own a cellphone, it is pretty funny to walk down the street and see everyone doing this", White then proceded to mimic the motion of a person staring at their phone.  While the discussion of screen addiction is certainly nothing new, it does seem to paint the guitarist as a bit of a luddite, with the obvious combat to his notion being that flip phones exist (hell, even Danzig uses one) and you don't necessarily have to sacrifice basic technological conveniences, just cuz you don't want to be hooked on apps.

Either way, this certainly adds context to his ongoing and somewhat controversial "no phones" policy at shows, in which fans are forced to surrender their devices to be locked in individual pouches before entry.  With that said, White certainly isn't oblivious to the fact he's the odd man out here, adding "I’m an anomaly and I’m looking at everybody and to me everyone sort of looks silly... And then you’re like, whatever, that’s their lives. Or who knows, maybe this is the way everything is going to be from now on. I have no idea. Nobody really does. Maybe it’ll turn into implants. Probably it’ll turn into a microchip behind our eyeball or whatever.”

Or whatever indeed, man.  Regardless, the man's choices certainly arent hurting anyone, and if nothing else, they've made for some great internet fodder.  

Also isn't there a Cake song about this?

White releases a new album, 'Help Us Stranger', with his band The Raconteurs, their first in over a decade, tomorrow.