Jack Black + Jack White Finally Team Up On A Song

Two Jacks, one take.

August 12, 2019

Larry Busacca / Getty

After years of online harassment, dad jokes, and other assorted badgering, Jack Black and Jack White have finally gone and done it, they've recorded a damn song.  

The announcement comes via a new Tenacious D YouTube vlog appropriately titled "Jack Grey", in which the duo tours Jack's Third Man Records facility before descending on his Nashville estate to cut an 8 track, old school recording, of a new D tune, which apparently needed a bit of White's own rocket sauce (real heads know what I'm talking about) to take it to completion.  

Though it's yet to be revealed where the song will land, on a future D album or as perhaps a single on TMR... as seen in the video, the Jack's and Kyle Gas took part in one of the classic blue room photo shoots, which lends this writer to believe it'll be a special one off on White's label.  For now we're left to speculate.  In the meantime, enjoy the aforementioned shenanigans in the video, below.