Ipods....Still Exist?

Literally who is this for?

May 29, 2019

Justin Sullivan / Getty


When was the last time you bought a CD? When was the last time you downloaded a song off iTunes? I already know the answer, cuz I too am a person living and breathing in 2019...and the answer my good reader, is who the fuck knows? Apple, apparently oblivious of this has decided to enter a new era of iPod, with their first update to the iPod touch in 4 years. While this is definitely not for kids (Billie Eilish has openly stated she's never purchased one of our beloved pieces of plastic), it is also probably not for old people?  Who never really wanted to migrate to a digital existence to begin with.  Begging the question, who is this for really? There have been persistent rumors for ages that the tech giant has considered closing down their online music storefront (once the Mecca of music sales post-Napster), and this seems like the last stand of resistance in the face of a bygone era.  Will it tank? Almost undoubtedly yes.  But if you have missed those golden days of perusing your whole library on one device, well hell, I guess read more about it here, and here's to hoping we can squeeze at least one more U2 related TV commercial (remember those?) out of it.