Hold On To Your Butts... Rick And Morty Is Back

Your one friend has probably already text you this news, you know the one.

October 7, 2019

Kevin Winter / Getty


Brace yourself for November 10th, Rick and Morty is back for (an abbreviated) season 4.  Five all new episodes of interdimensional shenanigans are headed our way, which likely means not only a whole cavalcade of new characters and absurd scenarios, but probably also a bunch of BS from their weirdo fans.   That said, it's not the show's fault it's inspired a legion of bozos, it's just doing what it's always done from day 1, which is to say be a fine piece of nihilistic animation.  If nothing else, we can confirm the show knows it's place with the noted return of everyone's favorite character... Mr. Poopybutthole. And yes if you don't watch the show, that is most definitely a real thing.  See the trailer for yourself, below.