Great Songs DCFC should play at NSSN but probably wont

Lets just be honest with ourselves here

October 15, 2018

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This morning we announced the line up for our first ever Not So Silent Night, our totally non-denominational, but somewhat skewed towards Christmas themed holiday show.  For the record I was raised in a Jewish household and have at this point accepted that in America this is just how it goes, and that Santa Clause + red and green are more or less commercially associated witht the holidays infinitely more than traditionally non-Christmas fan fair (how many Hannukah movies are there? Less than there are ways to spell Chanukah, probably).  Anyway. The line up is "stacked" as the kids say, with Muse, Florence & The Machine, Death Cab For Cutie, Bastille, Foster The People, Chvrches, Mike Shinoda, and AJR all playing.  Besides the fact that this is effectively a mainstage festival line up that you'll be able to see inside Barclays Center without having to poop in a bathroom that people can literally push over if they want, you are also gonna hear a bunch of songs.  While everyone has their own opinion, this is a list of the objective best songs Death Cab could play during their set, but probably won't because mostly only I care about them.  I guess this can also be considered a list of good DCFC deep cuts if we wanted to be nicer about it, but maybe if we bully them they'll take the bait and prove us wrong.  Bands love when you do this right? 

SO here we go...

Scientist Studies - The last song off their arguably best album that is not named Transatlanticism (We Have The Facts And We're Voting Yes) which they play about once every 3-5 years according to .... It's a doozy. 

Steadier Footing - The first song off what is not necessarily my favorite Death Cab record (The Photo Album) that none the less aches with their trademark early era combo of sparse guitars and Ben Gibbard's frail yet intense delivery. It also has no drums making this an almost guaranteed beer run for half an arena full of ungrateful atendees while the other half text their friends in their seats about how they don't know any of these songs. Which is probably why this one does not pop up more. 

Your Heart Is An Empty Room - This is mostly on here because I'm actually just confused why they don't play this more.  I think I read somewhere that Plans isn't exactly Bens favorite record of theirs, so maybe that has something to do with it.  Anyway, it's sad and has this nice kinda rhythmic guitar thing that gives an uplifting sense of melancholy that translates to feeling like essential Death Cab.