Gorillaz Are Teasing... Something

What is Song Machine and when do we get it?

January 28, 2020

Getty Images / Stringer


While initially seeming like the slow drip faucet that delivers the occasional spurt, the Gorillaz engine has really reved up over the last several years to deliver a fitting mixed metaphor (After all, a faucet with a motor seems like something one might find in the legendary KONG studios).  This somewhat prolific stint appears to continue today with a tease across Gorillaz socials of a new project entitled Gorillaz Present Song Machine, delivered with a 22 second snippet entitled "Song Machine Theme Tune".  Beyond that little is known however, as we have no real idea what the Song Machine is, though a listing on Spotify seems to refer to the release as "Season One", while suggesting fans "follow for the next episode".

One rumor that does seem to be picking up steam however, is that a new single featuring buzzy rapper and duo Slowthai, and Slaves respectively will arrive this week via BBC Radio, with an official premiere for the track set for Thursday Jan 30th. Should the collaboration come to fruition, it would align with the band's current streak of high profile team ups, as the group's 2017 LP, 'Humanz' was nearly entirely comprised.

In conjunction with the announce the band have also naturally posted new artwork, featuring not the band's members but what appears to be a literal "song machine" comprised of instruments which appear across the band's catalog.  Perhaps an interactive website is set to be launched? Only time can tell, but scope the visuals and hear the brief aforementioned track, below.

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