Going Head To Head and Toe To Toe with Meg Myers

Everything feels better laying down.

November 18, 2019

Meg Myers needs to lie down. Maybe it's the full moon, maybe it's the manic energy of NYC, but she hasn't slept in two days and forgot to eat. We scrap a TikTok capture as she tells me about an upcoming TED performance and interview that's got her mind elsewhere.  Off-cycle from tour, today's visit is solely for press, a quick trip away from the safe space of her LA base camp, which arrives in tandem with the rise of her latest single, a poignant cover of Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill", that continues to creep towards the top spot on the Alternative chart.  Albeit a standalone offering, the track burrowed its way into Meg's life amidst the recording of her second LP, where she found a kindred spirit in Bush's lyrics.  "It hit me really hard" Meg shares, "Around that time I was going through similar things that she was going through when she wrote the song... I just gravitated towards it".

We switch chairs several times pre-recording as we attempt to cultivate some sort of vibe under the trained eye of cameras, harsh lighting and more strangers before we ultimately settle on a less traditional approach... tackling the chat from flat on our backs.  "Everything feels better laying down" Meg later writes on Instagram, and she's not wrong. Interviews are a difficult environment to navigate.  Awkward introductions give way to examination level prodding, and most of the time, the best moments end up offline anyway.  It's on the way out, over a few fries and a turkey club that she recalls it was Pantera's take on "Planet Caravan" that lead her to discover Black Sabbath, before she shares the name of a new collaborator who she'll head into the studio with come early December, in hopes of realizing her most definitive work to date.

@MegMyers is here today to talk with @bryceonvacation but it looks like they’re just gonna take a nap while @iamcoreyb watches. --‍♀️

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It's early days and infant stages for her new batch of songs, but where production sonics are yet to marry fledgling ideas, one thing is certain, Meg's new material will heavily incorporate her spirituality, something she touches on multiple times across our conversation. "I listen to 432hz and 528hz which is the cosmic love frequency, and I think if I'm correct, John Lennon's 'Imagine' is in that".  She is, in fact, correct about this, and without going too galaxy brain on you, this basically means the A note on the recording is alternately reference tuned to 444hz instead of the standard 440hz, landing C at a direct 528hz. "There's a bunch of different frequencies that are really healing, and I've been doing a lot of healing work on myself this last year" she adds, elaborating on a desire to take space from pop culture to find inspiration for her new work elsewhere, emphasizing hiking, the beach, and the universe.

Bryce and Meg Myers at ALT 92.3

"It's just harder with people in the room" she shares of the writing process, revealing in perhaps the most sobering moment of our talk, that much of her new material has been penned start-to-finish solo at the piano.  Before we hear a note of that though, a b-sides EP will wipe the slate clean for Meg at the top of the year, purging a chapter she remains proud of but no longer identifies with directly. Whatever ultimately comes after that, is unclear, but it's not hard to deduce it will be neither a deliberate departure, nor a retread, simply 100% Meg, and also, just maybe, committed to tape at 528hz. 

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