FUN.'s Nate Ruess Reunites His Beloved Band, The Format

Ok, I guess this will do while the world holds out for a Fun reunion

February 4, 2020
nate reuss

Nate Reuss Surprise Reunites His Beloved Band, The Format


Welp, only a month in and the year of big band reunions continues.  Following news of My Chemical Romance, Rage Against The Machine, Pavement, and more, we can add another unexpected Alt reunion to the list thanks to Nate Ruess, who resurrected his pre-FUN. project, The Format, for their first tour in 13 years via a surprise show in Phoenix on Monday night.

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The duo, who's core members include Ruess and pal Sam Means, popped up at the latter's day job, Hello Merch, where the business was apparently screening a viewing party for The Format's 2007 concert film, Live At The Mayan, in celebration of the clip's arrival on streaming services.  However, following the screening, fans smart enough to attend (or perhaps just nostalgic enough to get lucky) were treated to the first proper reunion set from the band since 2008.

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Knocking out 10 tracks, the band also revealed more shows are in the works including a pair of dates at NYC's Bowery Ballroom on 3/20 + 3/21.  With tickets on sale this Friday, via Ticketmaster.

Speaking on the reunion's impetus, Ruess revealed: “About a year ago, I was driving and I was listening on random, and Interventions came on… And I was listening to it and I was like ‘I should probably skip this... and I listened and I thought, ‘Holy (expletive), this kicks ass. This is totally rad.'”

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They also made special commemorative shirts, as you can see above.  And the rest, we suppose, is history.  Check out the full setlist below.

If Work Permits

Tune Out

The Compromise

Give It Up


She Doesn't Get It

Unchained Melody (The Righteous Brothers cover)

On Your Porch

The First Single

A Save Situation