Foo Fighters Drop Live At Roswell Album

In honor of Area 51 day

September 20, 2019

Kevin Winter / Getty


Welp, if you were concerned that the 2 million fine folks who replied to the Facebook event "Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us", might show up to the site with no proper soundtrack, the Foo Fighters have come to the rescue, surprise dropping a live album recorded in Roswell back in 2005.  

Featuring songs off that era's release, 'In Your Honor', alongside classics like "All My Life", "This Is A Call", and "Stacked Actors", the band's ties to the famous extraterrestrial site run deep.  Aside from the fact the band's name is a reference to what fighter pilots once called UFO's, the band's own label imprint shares the Roswell name. 

While allegedly we'll be getting a new album from the Foo's as soon as next year, this is a healthy snack to tide you over in the meantime. Check it out for yourself, below,