Father John Misty Shares Synth-Pop Version of "Mr.Tillman"

Sounds like a bad acid trip

August 15, 2018

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Father John Misty, aka Josh Tillman released his 4th LP in just 6 years a couple months ago.  'God's Favorite Customer', arrived hot on the heels of his last offering, the technically Grammy winning 'Pure Comedy'.  

Critically lauded and dripping with the same self aware philisophical musings as his previeous efforts, Josh arrived this time with a brilliant video for stand out "Mr.Tillman", which finds him living out some sort of nightmare Matrix experience that feels deeply rooted in existential dread.  

Now the track gets a synthpop rework, which only adds to the terror that is existing on earth in 2018.  Like a bad circus theme, the song's acoustic charm is stripped away in exchange for some detuned keys that pull back the curtain on the track's underlying themes.  I realize this all sounds like a drag, but it's actually pretty good. You can check it out, here, and enjoy the aforementioned video, below.