Dave Grohl + Josh Homme + ZZ Top Are Working On... Something

Possibly the first installment of Homme's legendary Desert Sessions in over a decade

June 26, 2019

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Dave Grohl is no stranger to collabs. In fact he's spent the better part of 2 decades at this point creating various projects as an excuse to work with childhood heroes and friends alike, from his 2004 metal alias Probot, which saw the Foo frontman writing with legends like Motorhead's Lemmy and King Diamond, to his more recent Sound City project with Paul McCartney, former Nirvana members and more.  His latest endeavor however, appears not to be for a project of his own, but for that of Them Crooked Vultures bandmate, and longtime friend, QOTSA frontman Josh Homme.

Back in the 90s, long before the meteoric ascent of both Foo's and QOTSA, Homme and Grohl formed a fast friendship when the pair were still touring in their respective 90s outfits Kyuss and the aforementioned Nirvana.  It was around this period Homme began conveining musician friends out at the now famed Rancho De La Luna studios to record collaborative Desert Sessions, which primarily served as pure writing exercises, with the outfit only ever performing one show at (you guessed it) Coachella festival in 2004.

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Despite limited outward facing support, the sessions themselves have gained cultish appreciation amongst fans of the scene, with Homme last initiating recordings for 2003's Volume 9 & 10.  That drout however, may soon be over as Homme has taken to social media to cryptically hint, asking the question "I wonder if anyone's recording in the desert?" while hashtagging #11 and #12.  Further more, Grohl appeared on Homme's Alligator Hour radio show and prodded his longtime friend about being a part whenever the next one materialized.  "I just don't want you to", Homme joked in response.  

The split second before they asked each other “why the long face?” At the exact, Same, Time. Only then did the new friends realize, they owed each other a coke. You know, this is one of those moments that really makes you stop & think: I wonder if anyone’s been recording in the desert? I dunno. I just, Don’t, Know. #newfriends #desert #longface #tinyhorsebirdbuddies #sessions #fastfriends #11 #saddleup #longtimeago #& #oppositesattract #strangesupplier #12 #movetogether #horsinaround #qotsa #queensofthestoneage #tightwads&nitwits&critics&heels #mansionsofmirror #answerthephone #crucifire #horseplay #birdbrain #makesyouwonder #stonersheaverocks

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Now however, our most concrete evidence that something is stirring in the desert has materialized via ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons who posted a photo of the trio, and revealed in a recent interview that a project featuring the three icons could be released as soon as this Halloween. "We had all gone to the desert to work on a couple of tracks" Gibbons shared vaguely in a recent interview, allegedly they were for a new QOTSA release, which albeit possible, seems unlikely seeing as multiple core QOTSA members are currently touring with other projects.

Time will tell, but in the meantime, it seems fair to get our hopes up.  At least enough to revisit a classic Desert Session jam below