Creepy Aphex Twin Video Is Now A Supreme Collab


November 8, 2018

Gotta say, when I first got into Aphex Twin, watching the Chris Cunningham directed videos for Windowlicker and Come To Daddy on a fledgling YouTube back in high school (probably illegally/unofficially uploaded), their now legendary collab clip 'Rubber Johnny' initially escaped me.  In later years, friends and colleagues would come to say things like "You've never seen Rubber Johnny???" and I'd say "No, no I haven't, I don't know what to tell you".  It was truly riveting conversation.  Fast forward to now, I have seen the somewhat disturbing clip, and if you haven't, I'll spare you a repeat of the above convo by embedding it below.  A thing I couldn't have really predicted in my teen years was beloved skate brand Supreme one day releasing a small collab run with Cunningham, which featured stills from the clip, and yet it is a thing that now exists. In fact, you can buy it online here.  Because in the future, everything will be merch ! Cop and bow down to your hype gods.