Coldplay is back... Kinda

"Los Unidades" appear to be the UK 4 piece

November 27, 2018

There was a time when Coldplay were allegedly calling it a day, but it would seem much like Jay-Z, LCD Soundsystem, and the Foo Fighters before them, that time has passed.  

Today the band (or so it would appear) have unveiled a new track, "E-Lo" featuring none other than super prodcer Pharrell, in support of the Global Citizen organization.  While the group have not officially confirmed their involvement, the obvious factor here is it sounds more or less exactly like the band, and additionally a bunch of people with too much time on their hands looked into the trademark registration, uncovering the associated names of Coldplay's 4 members. 

The tune itself boasts the lyrics  “Hurt me outside, inside I’m free/ And there’s no enemy, everyone is my brother/ When the truth comes to set me free/ And we’re not going to fall in and out with each other/ When the day all the hands go free/ The sun’s gonna shine, the sun’s gonna shine one me.”

Part of a greater series of EP's for Global Citizen, the band's manager weighed in “It was a real honour to help further the Global Citizen movement by putting together this release alongside Chris and Parlophone. We’ve ended up with so many incredible performers, and we’re all extremely proud of the finished EP. May it be the first of many.”

Check out the track for yourself below, which below in which the band seem to go full Sting.