Calvin Harris Just Made A 90s Rave Record

If This Had Come Out 20 Years Ago.... Move Over Dirty Vegas

January 23, 2020
calvin harris

Kevin Winter / Staff


Calvin Harris is know for his big room bleeps and bloops, major festival headlining sets, a stint dating taylor swift, and well... that one sogn with Frank Ocean that literally everybody loves I guess.  But even Calvin Harris (who's real name is Adam, idk what that's about) get's tired of being Calvin Harris sometimes, and decides now is the time I'm gonna stop chasing chart success and actually make some music I connect with.  Enter side new side project, Love Generator, and note that it is a side project cuz he's still gotta make those big bucks sub headlining Coachella in a few months. 

Anyway, today our buddy Adam has shared our first taste of this new endeavor and it is surprsingly much closer sonically to Orbital than Swedish House Mafia, so much so in fact it coulda dropped in the 90s and likely, if you're a follower of Alt radio history, would have made it's way onto at least a few playlists in the late 90s. Hypnagogic (I Can't Wait) is the name of the aformentioned A-side on the debut single, with side B opting for 6 minutes of full on Business Techno rocking the edgy title of "CP-1".  

Regardless of how you feel about the guy, it's always kinda fun to see major artists explore new terrain and this is certainly far out for Calvin.  Check it out for yourself, below.