Blink-182 Tease New Album / UFO show

Consider this is your Blink Upd-eighty Two

March 13, 2019

© Anthony Behar


This week comes as a big one for fans of the San Diego band, who probably still hold the world record for on-stage jokes about your mom.  Whether you side with Travis, Mark, and the more recently anointed Matt Skiba, or go rogue with spurned co-founder, Tom Delonge, there's a little something for everyone. 

First, the music.  It's been well documented the current Blink line up has been back in the studio, again spotted with 'California' producer, John Feldmann, and now it seems a release day for the group's 8th LP may even be in sight.  "It will definitely be out before Warped Tour", drummer Travis Barker revealed in a new interview, giving us a window that spans to late June.  The LP is also rumored to feature legendary producer and artist in his own right, Pharrell, though his contributions have yet to be detailed.

This of course comes as a compartively quick turn around for the group, who's previous album dropped in 2016, marking a short 3 year span following multiple 5+ year gaps between records. The news also arrives on the heels of Mark Hoppus' latest project, Simple Creatures, a collaboration with All Time Low's Alex Gaskarth, which is due to drop a debut EP later this month.

We're not finished yet though, as former guitarist, Tom Delonge continues his life long quest to find out if aliens really do exist, this time on TV.  In a move that is absolutely peak Tom Delonge, he will be producing a new show for the History channel, called Unidentified: Inside America's UFO Investigation. Due out this may (perhaps to scoop these new Blink tunes??), the show will bring to light "new evidence on UFOs lead by the former special agent in-charge, and director of the government's top-secret program." Currently no word on if Delonge will actually pop up anywhere in the series.  Weirdly, this is the second TV series Delonge is involved with, as he's also developing what I like to call "Stranger Things but w/ Skateboards" on TBS.

If nothing else, hopefully at least one of these programs does the right thing and actually licenses the damn song. If we're really lucky, maybe both.