The Black Keys Like To Make Fun Of Stuff

Tbf if I was rich, I too would have a sense of humor

July 15, 2019

Jason Merritt / Getty


MasterClasses are everywhere.  From celebrity chefs, to popular musicians, celebrated directors, etc, you're never too far from a personal lesson with a familiar famous face.  

Much like yourself, the Black Keys have also apparently been inundated with targeted adds for at least one of the above, because unlike Jack White, they do have cell phones, but much like Jack White, they seem to be annoyed by them.  

Which is, as far as I can tell, why they have teamed up with Funny Or Die for a spoof trailer that is more or less worth your time (depending on how much you like content. I for one, am addicted).  

Consume below before you forget entirely how to experience joy.