Aliens Exist (Maybe)

Tom Delonge must be losing his mind

January 9, 2019


Welp, another day, another bunch of astronomers think they may have found aliens.  

This time it's due to some recently intercepted FRB's, or Fast Radio Bursts, which are of particular interest to everyone as they're not random, but actually repeat.  Not once or twice, but 6 times, in fact.  Apparently this has only happened one other time since they've been tracking FRB's (which sometimes appear singularly and they're not really sure why, because they're so short, which makes them difficult to study).  Anyway, more on that here.  

Thankfully Blink 182 wrote a song about this once and it doesn't involve any of the actual consequences if Aliens really do exist and they come to earth (mass hysteria, looting, riots, etc)