3 Music Docs To Watch While You Don't Leave Your House This Weekend

Something for everyone

January 19, 2019



It's gonna be cold this weekend so rather than go outside be lazy and watch a music doc or three.  Here's some that we recommend...


Regardless of your feelings towards Coldplay (though it certainly helps if you enjoy their music), their Amazon Prime exclusive doc, 'Head Full Of Dreams' released late last year is a captivating watch.  Propped up on footage from the bands earliest days, it's the meticulous documentation of the members late teens that provides incredible insight into the true heart of the band, their friendship, and the astronomical energy bursting from the spiritual soul of the group, frontman Chris Martin.  Bouncing back and forth between present day and pre-inception, the footage weaves a truly undeniably endearing tale of a few english guys you can't help but root for, in a film that spends little time on the mechanics of their songs, all the while opening them to new depths as the soundtrack of a journey that's taken them from bedrooms to the biggest stadiums around the world.  

Fyre Fraud feels like the more definitive of a pair of docs documenting the 2017 debacle that was Fyre Fest, the impossibly cool island destination fest that turned out to be, well, impossible.  The Hulu exclusive doc delivers a well constructive narrative of both the festival and it's now imprisoned founder's road to disaster, as well as it's backstory and strangly grand alterior motives. All in all it's a fascinating insight into the millenial start-up mindset, the power of social media, and the true obliviousness of Ja Rule (I guess we're team 50 on this one).  There's also some insane footage, and an interview with Fyre Fest founder, Billy Mcfarland that does not land in the rival doc, which lets be honest you're gonna watch anyway after you see this one.

Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened is the Netflix exlcusive, second of the aforementioned docs. It is, in my opinion, not quite as well constructed, and lacks the previously mentioned interview with the fests founder, however it does include some absolutely BONKERS testemonials (seriously this shit is B A N A N A S) the other does not, and a ton of supplemental footage not seen in it's predecessor.  And, I guess if you don't have Hulu, you can just watch this one and get the gist of it anyway.

So there you go, enjoy those suggestions.  If you don't have any of these streaming platforms, well then I guess either pirate them off the internet or just play boggle or something.  Good luck out there.