The 1975 Share "Love It If We Made It" Visual + NA Tour Dates

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October 15, 2018

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It's officially album time for the 1975, which means of course they gotta drop a big ol' tour routed through North America to spread the good word about 'A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships' and sell merch since none of you actually buy music anymore (by "you" I also mean me).  Out the gate things do not look great for the NYC area however as a date in or around the city is conspicuously absent.  That said... you think these guys are gonna drop a new LP and not hit the biggest city in the states? Yea, I don't think so either. I'd say continue to keep an eye out if I were you.

Speaking of eyes, feast yours on the new video for Ctrl + Alt + Delete alumni, "Love It If We Made It".  It's a mix of color, strikingly emotional footage, and performance.  SO basically it's a whole lot of shit to check out.  You can do that, below and scope out the full list of dates if youre up for a road trip after that. 

// N O R T H A M E R I C A 2 0 1 9 T O U R – P R E O R D E R A L B U M F O R P R E S A L E C O D E // L O V E

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