Katz Deli Want's To Hear You Fake the Big "O"

I'll Have What She's Having Contest

June 1, 2019

Andrew Burton / Getty Images


So you perfected faking the big "O", you have it down to art form huh? Well, you may have him/her fooled... but are your talents contest worthy? 

Yes, she fakes it, every girl does it (whether she admits it or not she does or has).

Well, now it’s time to put your “talents” to the test… 

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of "When Harry Met Sally." On July 12, the movie’s release date, Katz’s will be hosting a scene reenactment contest where anyone (female or male, apparently) can show off their best fake orgasm at the same table where Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal sat 30 years ago. Forbes reports that the contest will be judged by “notable New Yorkers and special guests” — though whether that means anyone from the movie will be dropping by is TBD.

Name of the contest… well what else “I’ll Have What She’s Having”.

Btw if ya never watched the movie, watch the scene you’ll have to re-enact HERE.




via; Food & Wine