Never mind Spotify's most played list, Your most liked IG post is what matters

Here's how to see your top IG post of 2019

December 6, 2019
Your most liked IG post of 2019

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So IG likes may be going away and already have for some ppl... But you can still see which were your top insta posts of 2019.


Top Nine lets you put in your user name and email address and they'll give you your top post of 2019 and it lets you share so you can thank em for liking your pics in a humble brag abt your clout.

btw, They also have an app that does the same if you prefer app over website.

supposedly the purpose asking for email is to send you same info this time next year but if you want you can opt out after you get your stats,  just go to their FAQ section for instructions on how to unsubscribe