Spend a night in the Good Year Blimp

October 11, 2019
Spend a night in the Good Year Blimp

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Never have given much thought to going in to a blimp let alone spend the night in one till now that it's an actual possibility. 

In celebration of 150 years of college football AIRBNB is offering 3 one-night stays in the Good Year blimp while in Ohio for the Michigan vs. Norte Dame game.

IDK what the blimp normally looks like inside but this thing is furnished and all,  pretty cool actually.  Best part ... well the whole experience is but its also a great deal if you ask me! $150 gets you +1 a night in the blimp AND tickets to the Michigan / Norte Dame game too!   

Booking starts this Tuesday the 15th.  

check out the vid of pimped out blimp