July 2, 2019
Summer Movies For cheap

Joe Corrigan / Stringer / Getty Images

So you got stuck with the kids for the summer and by now they're probably driving ya nuts already.

Here's a cheap way to keep em out of your hair if only for 2 hours (better than none). 

A war worth instigating... 

Started with AMC theaters offering $4 movie deals for kids that included popcorn and a drink.  Not to be outdone, Regal Cinemas jumped in with $1 movies for kids all summer long to which AMC countered with $4 movies for kids and parents.  That's Cinemark  decided to get in on the action and began offering $5 movies with punch cards and $1 popcorn.

Side note, idk if Bowtie Cinemas doesn't want to get their shirts dirty or are just scurrd but so far they're pretending not to have notice any of the comotion. 

Of course, there is a catch to the cheap tickets, there's always a catch.  The AMC Theater info is here, For Regal Cinemas info is here and Cinemark here.