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5 Awesome Nightlife Spots in Forest Hills, Queens

June 19, 2019

ALT 92.3’s Inaugural Summer Open is just around the corner as it takes place this weekend on June 22nd-June 23rd at Forest Hills Stadium. Now, Forest Hills, Queens is seen as a whole different world despite the fact that it's close by to Manhattan. Forest Hills gives off a more suburban vibe and a slow-paced environment as opposed to Manhattan.

Even though the area is very suburban, that doesn't mean that there aren't any spots you can go to enjoy a night out. Here are just a couple of spots you can check out this weekend post-Summer Open!

Dirty Pierre

One of the more popular spots when it comes to the nightlife and it's close by to the stadium. Located at 13 Station Square, Dirty Pierre has a little bit of everything. They have burgers and other typical bar foods. But then, they have certain food items such as garlic cheese, which some might say is addicting. They also have good steak sandwiches so if you are looking for a good time and have good eats, this is the place for you!

Desert Rain Lounge

Is Hookah still a thing?  Well, regardless if Hookah still is a thing or not, the Desert Bar Lounge is a more of a place if a person wants to lay back, chill and have an intimate setting.  The hookah lounge has a majority of flavors such as pineapple, grapefruit, and orange while having add-ons like ice pipes. In terms of drinks, they have a selection from different beers, sangrias, and margaritas so if you are more of a drinker, this is for you. Aside from the drinks and hookah, there are board games and chill music so you can be occupied with your friends. This is as intimate as it can get.

The Billiard Company

Located at the heart of Forest Hills, this has a little bit of everything. With over 20 pool tables, ping pong tables, table hockey, they have everything in terms of table games. Also, it is important to note that there is also hookah, food, and drinks too! The Billiard Company has daily specials every day, which vary depending on the day, but it is usually a 2 for 1 special for different drinks. Over the weekend, you can get a group discount when it comes to drinks. Also, there are over 15 TV screens, so this also gives off a sports bar vibe. So, if you happen to come on a day where there is a game, expect to sit back, watch a game and just enjoy while you are playing an intense round of pool or ping pong. There are literally too many things to do in this Billiards place -- so the options are limitless!

Buffalo Wild Wings

Every list you see that involves a night out will always have a Buffalo Wild Wings. This option will never disappoint you because who does not like wings? This one, in particular, is located around 107-16 71st Ave. Perhaps they are known for the majority of different sauces that their wings have depending on the choice and preference of your spices. You can either get spicy wings like blazin (the most spiciest one out of all of them) to simply just mild sauce if you can not handle the spice. There are also other sauce that are in between like Thai Curry, Honey BBQ just to name a few. Aside from the wings and their sauce, they have a variety of options like their samplers, burgers, fries, tacos just to name a few of the food options. Also, there are drinks! Wings and beer always sounds like a good combo for a night out with friends.

Forest Hills Station House

You can't forget about the Forest Hill Station House when it comes to nightlife as it is perhaps one of the more popular pubs in Forest Hills. It is also one of the few pubs that are close to Forest Hills Stadium as it is located at 106-11 71st Avenue. With dim lights and multiple TV's, the station house gives sports bar vibes. They have a superb selection of craft beers and cocktails. There is also food too! From selections like a Decadent Burger, a braised short rib, Boursin cheese, onions, and mushrooms, to truffle fries, the food they have there is enjoyable for a bar!

These are just SOME of the things you can decide to do on a night out in Forest Hills, NY if you are planning on maximizing your Summer Open experience! And if you're planning on staying over the weekend, be sure to check these places out!