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New Music Friday: Zero 936 Drops New Video

Hello earthling. Happy Friday. Happy New Music Friday. I come bearing gifts in the form of a new video for a song we've previously talked about. The artist is Zero 9:36, a new up and comer in the word of Alternative by way of Philadelphia. He gets some help from No Love for the Middle Child in the... Read More
Trent Reznor

Flashback Friday: Nine Inch Nails "Survivalism"

The 2020 inductees into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame were announced earlier this week, and Nine Inch Nails was among them! Trent Reznor, who had been a curmudgeon about the Hall for a long time, described himself as "freaked out," "in shock," and "pleasantly surprised" about the honor in a... Read More
dead tree

Lazies Turning Their Christmas Trees Into Valentine's Trees

If the thought of taking down your Christmas tree makes you wanna just go to bed, how 'bout this? Or this? Or perhaps this? Valentine's trees . Hey man, I like 'em. They're pretty! You get another month out of your tree, too...another month to relax. Although, taking off the Christmas decorations... Read More

Throwback Thursday: Wax - California

Happy Throwback Thursday! How are you honoring our collective past? Listening to old faves? Dressing out of style? Living in denial that the 1980s were nearly a half century ago? Me? I’m brushing up on Spike Jonze videos a.k.a. masterpieces. This one in particular caught my eye. Maybe it was the... Read More
gov ball

Governors Ball Announces 2020 Line Up

After rumors abound of an announcement last week, the Governors Ball 10th anniversary line up has officially been bestowed upon us and it is.... stacked. In the Alt world, Tame Impala, Vampire Weekend, and Rufus Du Sol lead the way, with Portugal. The Man, Foals, Of Monsters And Men, and Bleachers... Read More
Pepperoni Pizza

Just a Whole Bunch of Fun Facts About Pizza

It's National Pizza Week , which strangely does not contain National Pizza Day (that's February 9th). This feels like an excuse to not just stuff our faces with actual pizza, but also to stuff our brains with pizza-related knowledge. For example: you may already know that Lombardi's , the first... Read More

Haunted Elsa Doll Terrorizes Family

All dolls creep me out. My dad had a ventriliquist doll that sat on the top shelf of the closet, just waiting to kill me. He wouldn't get rid of it, though, even though he knew it gave me night terrors. Good fathering, right there. The owners of this Elsa doll TRIED to let it go (sorry), but it... Read More

Baby Yoda Invades New York City

Baby Yoda may be more popular than TikTok at this point. The younger iteration of the iconic character made its debut in late 2019 and sure enough, here we are, halfway through the first month of the decade and his star power is not only seemingly extending, it’s downright invading the island of... Read More

Wavves Announce 'King Of The Beach' 10th Anniversary Tour

That's right folks, it's been 10 years since the best Wavves album (look, I'm just telling it like it is here). And apparently they also recognize this as being the one people care about so Nathan and co are taking it on the road for a run across America, including a stop at Brooklyn's Warsaw on... Read More