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Listen to Postmodern ALT 92.3 Sunday's starting at 8AM featuring Scott Lowe. Listen with the RADIO.COM App | FAQ Here's the Postmodern ALT 92.3 playlist for Sunday morning November 17, 2019: 8AM Killing Joke – Eighties Garbage – Stupid Girl Nirvana – The Man Who Sold The World The Stone Roses –... Read More
Kevan Kenney & Eric the Good News Guardian

LISTEN: Eric the Good News Guardian Serenades NJ Man On Air

While yes we give you your daily serving of Chili Peppers and keep you up to date on your YUNGBLUDs, what we do at ALT 92.3 is a public service. Every Friday, in honor of that, we offer free serenades. You call us between 6 and 10 PM with whatever you’re going through and my cast of characters will... Read More
FBF Jimmy Eat World

Flashback Friday: Jimmy Eat World "Lucky Denver Mint"

Ever since we announced the Not So Silent Night lineup, there's been a lot of talk about the Jimmy Eat World album Clarity here at ALT 92.3. We discuss how incredible it is from top to bottom, what an emotional experience the 10th anniversary tour was, and how many of us will cry if/when Jimmy Eat... Read More
Recycled Clothing

#1Thing: Ways to Recycle Your Old Winter Clothes For a New Season

By Lori Melton Rearranging your closet to get ready for winter usually means putting away lighter, summer pieces to make room for sweaters, hoodies, and other warm clothes. When looking through your winter wardrobe, chances are you’ll find things that don’t fit, or you haven’t worn in ages. Instead... Read More

New Music Friday: Lil Peep - "Walk Away As The Door Slams"

Lil Peep passed away two years ago and I often think of how different our playlist at ALT 92.3 would look if he was still around driving music and cutlure today. Today we get the latest posthumous release from the New York native entitled Everybody's Everything. There's 19 tracks in all, but the... Read More

PBR Has A Case Of 99 Beers!!!

Weekends are about to be LIT!!! Pabst Blue Ribbon has now come out with cases that’s hold 99 BEERS!!! They’re limited edition cases and will hold a variety of 3 different beers. The case will have Original, Easy and Extra. The 99 beer case will cost $175, which isn’t bad considering you’re going to... Read More
Glass Animals

Glass Animals Are Back with "Tokyo Drifting"

Glass Animals are back! The trippy, vibey British four-piece has spent most of the last decade building a reputation for atmospheric live shows - and getting some major love from Apple commercials. They've also faced major adversity: the band's drummer, Joe Seaward, was hit by a truck while riding... Read More

Unicorn Puppy? Look At This Dog With a Tail On Its Head!

Talk about a butthead... Ok, ok that’s a bad joke. But I mean, it fits. A tiny puppy by the name of Narwhal was adopted from a shelter recently, and is growing a second tail out of the middle of its head. Now the big question is, does the tail wag? Apparently it does not, but it’s so cute. The dog... Read More

Humans could face extinction sooner than later.......WHAT?!?

We read in all the history books or on the internet that the dinosaurs went extinct about 65 million years ago , after living on Earth for about 165 million years. I don't know about you but when I think about extinction, the human race is not something that pops into my mind because it is US that... Read More