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Taco Bell’s New Flamin Hot Taco!!!

There may be a quarantine but this fast food joints keep dropping HITS!!! Taco is rolling out a new Flamin Hot Dorito Loco Taco!! Doritos released the flaming hot flavor back in 2019 and it was only a matter of time until it turned into a Taco! Might have to find myself a drive thru but that’s not... Read More

No Refunds For Postponed Concerts Has Fans Upset

You hate Ticketmaster. I hate Ticketmaster. Bands hate Ticketmaster, too, but perhaps none more famously than Pearl Jam. (Great story about that epic battle HERE , in case you would like to relive it.) I'll summarize it for you: Pearl Jam didn't win. Nobody was able to bring down those crooks, and... Read More

21 Pilots vs. Drake: Better Quarantine Music Video?

Times are tough. That goes for the pressing matters at hand and it also goes for music video productions from some of our favorite artists looking to drop new music during quarantine. Drake got the party started last week with his house tour/clip for "Toosie Slide" and 21 Pilots took the ball and... Read More

How to Listen to ALT 92.3 Online at RADIO.COM: FAQ

LISTEN to ALT 92.3 LIVE on Web or Mobile HERE >> Request a Song > NEW ARRIVALS on HD2 >> Welcome to RADIO.COM! Download the app now, either via the Apple App Store ( here ) or Google Play ( here ), and listen to ALT 92.3 and many of your favorite radio stations across the country for... Read More
2 Minute Promise

The #2MinutePromise: More Music, Less Commercials

We'll never play more than 2 minutes of commercials at a time. That's our promise. The 2 Minute Promise®. We are ALT 92.3 – NEW YORK’S NEW ALTERNATIVE! Listen with the RADIO.COM App | FAQ Let ALT 92.3 Program Director Mike Kaplan explain... Q. Why did you decide to start the 2 Minute Promise®? A... Read More

Radiohead To Unarchive Full Live Sets Weekly

As you burn through every episode of Tiger King , rewatch all of The Sopranos , mainline random episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm for the 7,000th time and hope that whatever's happening eventually comes to an end, you can take at least some solace in the fact that we're now getting served up some... Read More

1994: The Year That Changed Alternative Rock

What year changed it all for music with you? That probably depends on your age, but one year that undisputedly changed rock and alternative was 1994. Green Day gave us Dookie, before they ever soundtracked our proms. Offspring soundtracked our late night hook ups, before they were ever too fly for... Read More

Doc Made A Ventilator Out Of A Garden Hose And A Lamp Timer

What kind of crap you got laying around in your garage? It could save a life. An anesthesiologist in Mississippi figured out a way to build a ventilator for less than a benny. He used a garden hose, an electronic valve, and a lamp timer, and created what is now called the "Robertson Ventilator."... Read More

Is Lil Pump Coming to ALT 92.3?

If you thought 2020 was unpredictable up until this point, one of the most prominent names of the Soundcloud rap era just told music to hold his proverbial beer. Lil Pump, known to anyone under 35 for his 2017 smash hit 'Gucci Gang', has seeimingly shaved off both his eye brows while teasing a... Read More