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The Froot Loops Donuts Are Coming Back!!

I never knew these were a thing until now, and NOW I want some. I have so many questions, do they really taste like froot loops? Do they taste better with milk? All of these questions will have their answers, as soon as theyre available. Needless to say IM EXCITED!! LINK TO ARTICLE Read More


Ever pass a dumpster and think to yourself, I wonder who the men and women are that go through these every night? I hope you haven’t. That’s honestly concerning if you have, and that’s coming from the guy who tolerates Larry. I must admit though, my own interest has been piqued after Monday’s show... Read More
Brad Delsen, Mike Shinoda and Joe Hahn of Linkin Park

Mike Shinoda Doesn't Rule Out New Singer for Linkin Park

It has been a year and a half since Linkin Park singer Chester Bernnington died, but we still don’t know what the future of the band will be. Will they go on? Are they done? The decision hasn’t been made. But in a new interview, co-founder Mike Shinoda left the door open for Linkin Park to continue... Read More
Surprised Cat

The Purrfect Socks For Looking Like Your Cat

Just want to thank the folks at Nerdist for CATching my eye with these socks last night: Get creepily realistic cat foot socks because why wouldn't you? — Nerdist (@nerdist) February 19, 2019 Just imagine the PURRplexed look on your feline's face!... Read More

Tom Delonge Wants To Read You A Bedtime Story About A Naked Guy

I guess once you've been in a giant band for half your life, the appeal of continuing to do that is probably low. Which is why Tom Delonge is doing literally whatever the fuck he wants. Hunting aliens, writing the 78346th Angels & Airwaves EP, and I guess also reading you a childrens book he... Read More

Ctrl+ALT+Del Pick Of the Week: Foals “Exits”

Video of FOALS - Exits [Official Music Video] This week's ALT 92.3 Ctrl+ALT+Del "Pick Of The Week" is Foals' “Exits.” When you hear the song played in the 11AM, 2PM, 6PM and 10PM hours TEXT "Like" OR "Dislike" to 55701 (standard messaging rates may apply) during the song to let us know, in real... Read More

Kevan Got Dumped on Valentine's Day

I wish the headline weren’t true, but it is. I entered Valentines Day 2019 full of love, open to romance and left it, dumped! Betrayal does not begin to explain the emotions I’m feeling as I try and slowly come to the realization someone I thought I could trust walked out on me…live on the air for... Read More

RIP Henny Rat

Pour one out this weekend for our little friend that was just trying to get after it. Don't say NYC never brought you great content. Sorry Pizza Rat, but this guy is our new spirit animal. A post shared by Nicolas Heller (@newyorknico) on Feb 15, 2019 at 1:13pm PST Read More