SNL's Weezer skit is dividing the nation

Are there really any good albums after Pinkerton?

December 18, 2018

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Alternative took center stage on SNL this past weekend, when a particularly narrowcasted skit brought national attention to an ongoing debate involving Weezer, which questions whether the band's full catalog is worthy of praise, or if they should simply be beloved for their classic one two punch, self titled debut LP, and cult favorite follow up, Pinkerton. 

In the skit, neighbors sit down for dinner as the topic arises casually, and episode host Matt Damon makes the case that we've all heard with any fanboy of any band, that we're simply the beneficiaries of their talents, and should be along for the ride and embrace artists as they evolve, grow, etc.  Meanwhile, cast member Leslie Jones argues that fans, with a more objective ability to assess an artists output, clearly have the ability to discern that Weezer had 2, maybe 3 good albums, and the rest is trash.

While this debate arises with just about any band who have more than 3 records to their name, Weezer stand as a particularly pointed example as they've notably becoming mainstays of fine radio stations like this one, and continue to churn out hits, sell out venues, and remain more or less relevant, while simultaneously being consistently maligned by critics and old school fans of the group.

So which is it? In truth probably a mix a both.  Did Weezer release 2 back to back masterpieces? Absolutely.  Have their later records maintained that level of quality throughout? Probably not.  Have there been great songs on those records? Yes.

In the end, outside of enjoyable spirited debate, and something else to argue about with your family at Christmas, it really doesn't matter.  The planet is dying, our country is in the midst of unparalleled unrest, and world hunger still hasn't been solved.  So at the end of the day, maybe just listen to the songs you like, ignore the other ones, and hope they keep writing more great tunes.

For what it's worth, band frontman Rivers seemed to enjoy the skit.

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